Before CONTACTING US with an issue, check out the below possible solutions for a quick answer!

ISSUE: I don't have a Google or Gmail based email address. What options do I have?

  • SOLUTION: Get a free Google account at The notification of your site access approval will then be sent to your new Gmail address. This site supports all Google, Gmail accounts including G Suite / Google Apps / Google Workspace versions.

ISSUE: I have been approved and logged in but still can't see any content after trying the above option. Anything else I can do?

  • SOLUTION #1: At the top right of all content windows, you should see a small grey box with an arrow inside it. Click on that arrow and the content should pop-up in a new window or in the Google Drive app if you are on a mobile device showing the content. We recommend you use the free Chrome Browser and have the Google Drive app installed on your smartphone or tablet for the best experience.

  • SOLUTION #2: You may have a different Gmail/Google account logged into your browser that is not registered with the website. If you have more than one Google account, submit a request using that, and we will add it to the approved list.

ISSUE: My email address has changed since first requesting access to the site. What should I do?

  • SOLUTION: Just complete the Access Request Form again with your new Google based email address and you will be approved again within 24 hours.

ISSUE: The content thumbnails re not showing up on my iOS device (iPhone or iPad). What can I do?


If you are using an iOS device (iPhone, iPad), you will need to make the following changes to your browser settings in order to see the videos and documents. On your iOS device…


  1. Open “Settings”

  2. Open the “Safari’ settings section

  3. Under the "Privacy & Security" heading, make sure the `Prevent Cross-Site Tracking` switch is turned to "OFF".


  1. Open “Settings”

  2. Open the “Chrome” settings

  3. At the bottom of the settings section, make sure the “Allow Cross-Website Tracking” switch is turned to "ON".

Once this has been completed, return to the website and refresh the page. The thumbnails of the content should now appear.

ISSUE: On my smart phone and tablet, viewing the content can be slow to load. How can I speed things up?

  • SOLUTION: Install the free Google Drive app on your device which will make the mobile experience much smoother and more efficient. Search for the free app in the App Stores. The video files on this site can be quite large so using a Wi-Fi connection is recommended and will avoid using your cellular data plan.

ISSUE: I am looking for a specific video for a drill that I want to add to my practices. How can I find specific content?

  • SOLUTION: Use the search bar at the top right of all windows to search for a specific skill or drill and you will find a number of options in the search results. New content is being added all the time so check back often!

ISSUE: I want to watch or read the content offline. Is that an option?

  • SOLUTION: Yes it is. Open the item you wish to view offline by clicking on it. It will pop up in a new window. At the top right of the new window, you will see a download button (down arrow) that will allow you to do just that. If viewing the content on a smartphone or tablet, you can tap the top right side menu button (3 small dots) and select the "Make available offline" option. For this to work, you need the Google Drive app installed on your device. The file will be added to the Google Drive app for offline viewing.

ISSUE: I am registered, approved and am seeing "connection errors" in the places when the videos or files should be. What can I do?

Your browser may be blocking the content coming in due to a "cookie" issue. To remedy this follow these steps...

  1. Customize and Control Google Chrome (tree vertical dots at the top right of the page).

  2. In the new window, search for "cookies"

  3. Select "cookies and other site data"

  4. Select "Allow all cookies"

  5. Return to the website and refresh the page.

  6. If this remedies the issue, return to the Settings area and in the "Sites that can always use cookies" area, add "" to the permission list.

Other web browsers such as FireFox, Edge, Safari and Opera will have similar steps to follow however we recommend for the best results to use the Chrome Browser.